The parliament’s decision on the tightening of the asylum law has been postponed to an unknown date. Rumour has it that there are critical voices on the law within the SPD party. One can only guess whether this has anything to do with the protest against the planned tightening of the law or not. One can also guess that this law is to be enforced before the parliamentary summer recess. This means that we have until the end of June to prevent this massive worsening of the asylum law.

The law includes:

+ A massive increase of detention pending deportation // that means 18 months in prison if you enter via another EU country, if you don’t have any identity documents, if you have paid any escape helpers or if a deportation can be prevented

+ A 5-year ban on entering and staying when your asylum has been rejected // this ban applies to the whole EU area, meanwhile you are no longer entitled to permit legal status which leverages the right of residence

+ Deportation of people with legal status // when you are delinquent or break the basic order (e.g. political activity)

This law is the deepest change of the asylum law since the 90s. Both SPD and CDU try to praise the law because they created an alleged right of residence for long-term tolerated people. This right does not exist – combined with the other paragraphs it will come to nothing. This law is a racist imprisonment-programme!

Action days – everywhere:

The first action week in April laid a good foundation of resistance. Many cities and initiatives have participated. There were occupations, demonstrations, school strikes, glass breakage, information events, pickets and concerts. We still want to create a strong and diversified protest with various actions and events. That’s why we call for nationwide action days! Inform the public about the law, name the people responsible and be loud and resistant. Let’s do everything imaginable so that on the day of the parliament’s decision, the Day X, the law will be overturned.

Day X – the day of the decision of parliament

Since the 1970s, any tightening of the asylum law goes hand in hand with an alleged shortage of acceptance capacity in German refugee accommodation centres. Since 1986, refugees have been banned from working for 5 years. 1993 rings a bell with a lot of people because the basic right to asylum in Germany has been practically abolished with the so called “asylum-compromise”. Contracts at EU level laid the foundation for a European wide border and migration regime that profiles itself with a massive sealing-off towards the outside and an increase of repression towards the inside. Based on this foundation, the Dublin Regulations were introduced a couple of years later. This means: If you manage to come to Germany without setting foot in another EU country, you at least have the right to an unfair asylum procedure. If you flee via another EU country, Germany no longer feels responsible for you and deports you there. How do people come to Germany without coming through another country? Thereby, most refugees are so-called Dublin-cases or they immediately get deported via an accelerated procedure to an alleged “safe country of origin”. All of them face the imminent thread of deportation and attrition. The planned law will hit them the hardest. The criterions for detention pending deportation apply to all refugees! Additionally, the powers of the authorities are to be extended. They are to get the permission to confiscate storage media (e.g. mobile phone, USB flash drive). The rest is to be left to the border police and the international database (e.g. EURODAC). All that most refugees are going to see from Germany are its deportation prisons. A fair asylum procedure is being made impossible. Actually unthinkable? Yet, parliament is going to vote exactly on that in June (probably 12th or 19th of June).

1993? No – 2015!

That is why we oppose this draft law with all means possible. It stands in the tradition of 1993 and its racial legislation but is also part of the capitalistic exploitation logic where humans are being divided as human capital in exploitable and unnecessary and where flight and arrival of people who flee from the results of a most aggressive, neo-liberal external and economic policy is to be smothered in the cradle.

With all the claims of dismay of some politicians after the recent catastrophes in the Mediterranean, we have to face the facts: We have nothing to expect from official politics. They are not only operatives who currently do not meet our demands, they are the masterminds behind the scenes of the crime.

With the law, they play into the hands of Pegida and other racists and actually implement their claims as the law. Even the quota policy achieves nothing. It is not about making more people accountable because at the same time, there is a war against refugees by officially being allowed to bomb smuggling boats. A game of battleship in the ditch of the European fortress in order to ensure the wealth of the privileged. We are talking about a militarisation of the whole Mediterranean area, while prisons are being kept ready for those who actually made it. The deportation prison in Büren has been reopened a couple of weeks ago – the first herald of the draft law…

Day X is the day of the decision of parliament! We call you to force up the political price for the SPD, CDU/CSU through diverse action days! We call you to spare no effort at Day X so that the ballot can be overturned! FACE THE PLAYERS – Call the criminals by their names! Look out for more announcements to the action days and begin to mobilize in your cities!

More information, dates and more:

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